Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's

So Kicky has discovered April Fool's jokes. All afternoon, she's been conducting a series of not so elaborate pranks. Esmee doesn't get it. I just overheard this conversation:

K: There's a bug in your hair.
E: No there's not.
K: Yes, there is.
E: Uh-uh.
K: Come on Esmee. It's April....
E: April what?
K: Come on...it's April Ffff.....
E: April-ham Lincoln?

I need a nap.


I just got my first photo published. It's in the "Portraits" issue of SHOTS Magazine. It's "Twilight," a photo of Esmee. Kicky said, "Esmee...you're FAMOUS!" Esmee was not impressed.