Sunday, November 11, 2007


..the opening was wonderful. I was really, really nervous. All of a sudden on Friday night I started to think that the whole idea had been ludicrous. But then when all of my DC friends and colleagues started showing up, it felt really right. I have to admit that watching everyone look at the pictures was a bit bizarre...but they all seemed to genuinely enjoy the show, and it also got a lot of new people into the Atlas which is always great. I even sold a few I can buy some more photo equipment. We didn't get home until pretty late though, and I had to get up to teach yesterday morning. And then last night we had company over, and I made a lasagna that had six cheeses in it. I think I can feel the blood trying to chug through my clogged arteries as I write. It was really nice though, and Patrick even fired up some creme brulee for dessert. Needless to say, the weekend was wonderfully distracting, but tomorrow my nose has got a ticket back to the grindstone. I have 36 more papers to go and haven't even started the new editing job.

Oh yeah...I've added a link to the slideshow of the exhibit on my photo blog in case you can't go see the pictures in real life:

Monday, November 05, 2007

Gallery Gallera

I feel like I'm running on fumes these days...there are no breaks in sight either. It's that mid-semester madness coupled with me taking on more than any sane person ever would that's getting to me. Anyway, here's a brief update: the pictures are up, the reception is Friday night. I am ecstatically nervous, if that makes any sense. Happily anxious? Blissfully biting my nails to the quick? Anyway, here's a picture of the space with the pictures in it. You'll have to come to the Atlas to see them up close. And we got a nice little pitch on

Check out Big Esmee!!

This week I am also getting 45 stories turned in, a 350 page novel to edit, and hope to finally really digest the editorial comments from my new editor on Two Rivers. I feel completely scatter-brained, the only thing tethering me to the world is my to-do list which is a completely full double-sided piece of paper. Yikes!
Anyhow...sorry for being so sporadic with the posts, but I am, indeed, alive here. And today I did manage to stand for an extra minute in the cold autumn sun just to watch the leaves fall like snow while the girls tried to catch them as they fell.