Thursday, March 17, 2005


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Today Kicky starts dance class at The Atlas. It's called "Creative Movement," and I suspect that's a good thing. Patrick is excited to give me a tour of the facility. It's the reason we're here. The dance studios are open now, and The Joy of Motion has moved in.

This morning was devoted to the book...I neglected both children (am ignoring Kicky's request for "two pink ribbons" as I write) all morning, opting instead to work on a Betsy chapter (just before she dies). The whole book is sort of spiraling toward the end. All of the small pieces are starting to fit together into a cohesive whole. All of these crazy tidbits and characters that didn't seem to matter are suddenly integral to the whole story. This is the magic. This is why I do this.
It's like dancing...all those steps (first position, jete, tendu) coming together into one glorious piece.

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