Sunday, April 03, 2005

'Tis the (flu) season

I swear to God if I accidentally delete one more post (I just spelled that poast) I will quit the blogging life.

Anyway...SO in the last week, our little family has endured simultaneous chest colds, stomach flus, and mysterious high-fever achey-body-shakey complaints. I have never cleaned up so much vomit in my life. The girls are better now, thankfully, and Patrick has recovered as well. I, on the other hand, have managed to teeter on the edge of this in a way I've mastered since becoming a mother...who has the time to languish sickly with two kids? It's lurking, though (in the depths of my throat, chest, gut).

I finished the novel on my grampa's birthday...last word, "arms." I cried a little bit, drank a mini-bottle of champagne and saved the cork to join the five others (another hoody-goody compulsive habit). Now I'm revising madly. I want to get it off to Christy tomorrow or Tuesday. I need it out of my house, head.

I painted two murals this week...the biggest hit was the ballerina for a little girl down the street yesterday. I like being able to finish a project in a day. I should never have become a novelist. I have a poet's attention span.

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Nam LaMore said...

thank goodness i've been fortunate enough not to get the flu this season. but i think that's just been the case of not going out as much this winter than most other years. i just felt like being a 'nester' this year, and in my boredom found a new hobby: blogging. wonder how long my interest will last this time.

the last hobby i had (photography) lasted for a few years. i just don't take that much pictures anymore, so can't say it's still a hobby. photography is like wearing a watch to me, i don't wear it all the time .. maybe a few times a year if i need an accessories to go with the rest of what i'm wearing (i just use my cellphone as a clock).