Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Year

Sorry for the long hiatus. We were in Flagstaff for the holidays...and waiting for the arrival of my new nephew, Liam, who was born three days before our departure (at home, au natural by my superhero sister-in-law). While away, we took a trip to the "North Pole" via the Polar Express (aka The Grand Canyon Railway), threw a birthday party for Esmee (she's TWO, where have my babies gone?), ate Mexican food every other meal, and generally overindulged in food, drink, and sleep. It's terrible to be back.

Actually, I am excited to be home. I have gotten back on track with the revisions. The plan is to finish within the next few weeks. The new/prospective agent/angel is holding my hand through these revisions, and I am actually excited about the book again.

It's been a rough week back...started school again (lovely, lovely students), new carpet in the basement, new cable/phone/internet install, alarm system repair, a pre-school open house (we're leaving the old one because they are requiring a 7-6 schedule and a super tuition hike -- wrote a sad/angry letter today which has so far been ignored), and, finally, today a dual pediatrician's appointment which culminated in (between the two girls) four shots, one TB test, two finger pricks, one cup of pee (most of which went all over my hand on its way out), hearing tests, vision tests and general naked chaos. Esmee is a total nudist and went into a wild dance as soon as we stripped her down for the doctor. Luckily, both girls seem to be in terrific health, though Esmee is still a bit on the miniature side.

This weekend, I am painting the godawful pine paneling in our basement and trying to make some more headway on the book.

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

I'm L. Greenwood just outside of DC and I thought it strange that we chose the same exact template: I also wrote a sad, angry letter today about MSNBC. Weird. This type of coincidence makes me wonder how many other small similarities exist in the world just outside my view.