Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eight Arms

I am not dead.

I was simply luxuriating in the blissful nothingness of an uneventful springbreak, and now I am a single mother while P globe hops with his buddies. He is in Amsterdam until Wednesday night, and (can you believe it??) his cell phone is for the first time non-functional. This is good for him. I suspect the beers and everything else are good for him too.

I actually managed to get a lot done last week. I collected fifty pages of poetry for a contest...the collection is called "Small Sorrows." I'm as proud of it as you would be of a homely child. I mean, I made it, even if it's not perfect. I also painted an octopus for the girls over E's bed (see below). I revised the novel a little bit, watched a lot of movies ("Half Nelson," "Sherry Baby," and "LoverBoy" -- as well as "Barbie Princess and the Pauper," "Peter Pan," and, tonight, "ET").

But the nose will be pressed back against the old grindstone again tomorrow. Ah well....six weeks until summer break.


carly said...

hot damn, you do it all!

T. Greenwood said...

Hi and thanks! But believe me there are many, many things I cannot do :)