Monday, April 16, 2007

Option, options

So, the ball is rolling. Today the film producer optioned Nearer Than the Sky... I have a great feeling about this. That's the good news of the day -- and a seriously welcome change to an afternoon spent watching the madness at Virginia Tech, imagining my own classroom, my own children in theirs. I can't get any sort of handle on this horror. There was something portentous about this whole day...frigid weather and violent wind. I spent most of the day examining the trees around me, wondering if any of them might come crashing down.

Anyway, here's a lovely picture of our garden before the storm:

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Nicole Brackett said...

WHAT??? A film option??? NTTS will make a GREAT/haunting movie. What does this mean exactly, when a producer options a book? I'm all atwitter for you. How completely exciting! (I know it's sort of old news by now, but it's new to me!) :-D