Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You'd think I'd have more time

instead of less since school let out...but alas, I just fill it up with different things. Writing should be one of them...but still not quite back in that mode. I finished an editing job and two summer workshops at the Writer's Center, and am crashing now. Literally. My body has shut down...this used to happen after exams in college too. I am miserably sick with some sort of heinous summer cold. We're also still in the midst of major construction on the house and gearing up for a vacation out west. I think I need it. And, we're actually leaving the girls with my folks for a whole week. I may go crazy without them, though I suspect I'll be okay :)

I got some nice feedback from a bookseller who read a review copy of Two Rivers. It's still almost eight months away from publication. Jeez...having babies is faster than having books.

Just got back from Vermont...the speech at my high school went well, I think. It was sweltering though, and so I have a feeling they were grateful mostly for its brevity.

More sooner than later.

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