Thursday, January 22, 2009


I was thinking that I should try to recap the last few months since I posted, and the mere thought of it exhausted me. I think Facebook is sucking away all of my internet creativity. That and trying to get my novel finished by February 15th.

Here are the biggies: Two Rivers is out!!! I had my first reading in Flagstaff at Bookman's, which wound up being a wonderful reunion of sorts with a lot of friends from grad school. The novel is on the Indie Next list this month, which is also great news. There have been sightings in airports, Target, and last night my dad called me from Costco. "You've really made it," he exclaimed. "You're at Costco." :)

Here are the girls and I after my signing at Bookman's.

I had a terrific break, but now it's back to work. I get up every morning at 5:30 and write for two hours. Then I somehow manage to get the kids fed and dressed and off to school and then I go to school or prep for classes. I am only teaching 2 classes at GW, but I teach two back-to-back workshops on Saturdays. It seems like it's going to be okay...though I was pretty spent last Saturday.

I am traveling a little bit for the Sarasota in February and then to Flagstaff for the Northern Arizona Book festival in April. I have my fingers crossed that the novel does well and I can lighten up my teaching load. When I finish this book I have one I'm itching to write. Just not enough hours in the day.

On the Mommy may remember the check-up fiasco with Esmee (she sucker-punched me in the nose as she was getting her shots). Well, we tried it again today, and though she professed a new courage I was suspicious. And, indeed, I got kicked and scratched and screamed at. That girl has got some lungs!!

Oh...the Inauguration!!! How could I forget??!! The girls and I did not brave the crowds or the cold, but Patrick did. The air is still buzzing and humming with the thrill of it all here. Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street has an O-B-A-M-A ice sculpture out favorite artifact from the past week. With the weather we've been having, it may just stay awhile.

Sorry if I missed anything. It's been a doozy of a year so far.


cakegirl said...

Words never seem enough to express exactly what your books mean to me. Once again, I was not disappointed. Two Rivers was an amazing experience. I look at the entire product a little differently from your other novels - there were so many layers - that until I stepped back from the entire product... I saw it as poetic and beautiful.

It's a strange and wonderful world to read the behind the scenes here, thank you.

T. Greenwood said...

Thank you so much...nothing pleases me more these days than hearing from happy readers :)

KerryH said...

I cam across your book Breathing Water by complete accident at my school library. I read the whole thing in an afternoon, and I fell in love with your writing. I picked up Two Rivers at my library yesterday, and read the whole thing in an evening. The story was told so well, and made me ache in such a deep, primal way. I've never felt anything like it; your book is the first to do that to me. I'm desperate to find your other books, but our library doesn't have them, and our local bookstores are painfully limited. Hopefully I find them the next time I go out of town! Your writing is so layered, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait to read your other books, and I hope publicity for Two Rivers goes very well!

Litabell 2.0 said...

Two Rivers is the first book I have just finished reading written by you. I was intrigue to find a little about the author because I love the story......
So I asked myself; Who is this person....Male or famale....
I used to work at the public library here in my town for twenty one years....I retired last year,but I continued to volunteer once a week in the Cataloging Service...That is where I came across your book....So I checked it out and love it...I will be reading some other books written by you. By the way, you have a lovely family...Lita Raymundo