Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mermama gets her tail back.

So, five years after the major cross-country move, we've turned ourselves 180 degrees and gone back. Home. To California.

What we had when we left: a big truck full of stuff, a three year old and a baby. One job. One novel to finish.

What we have now: an even bigger truck full of stuff, an eight year old, a six year old, two cats. One job. Another novel to finish. (And a rental house with eight tiki totem poles.)

I told Patrick that I am tired of being the couple that is always saying goodbye. Together we have left Arizona, Seattle, San Diego, and now DC. I am ready to stay put. I am tired of tearing myself away from people and places. I am ready to dig in, grow roots. I am ready to call someplace home. And given the glorious 70 degree days we've had since we got here...and the smell of the ocean in the air, I think this might just be the place.


Mark Prebilic said...

I'm grateful that I had the chance to encounter you while you were in DC. I learned a lot from your Writer's Center classes.
The Tiki totem poles are really cool! They must have some kind of spiritual/aboriginal/primordial meaning to them, no? Maybe they mean "This is home".
Mark Prebilic

T. Greenwood said...

Thanks, Mark... I hope you plan to continue writing :)

nil said...

Lady, I sure do like your blog :)