Monday, May 27, 2013

A Room of One's Own

I loved my office in Maryland. It was green and pretty and looked out over our backyard. It had hard wood floors and bookcases and light. But then we moved (though losing that office was a small price to pay to be back in San Diego).

Now we've been back for three years, and I realized I hadn't taken the time to personalize the space where I spend most of my days. White walls and clutter definitely don't speak to creativity. My office was actually stressing me out.

And so with the new book in my editor's hands and some time on my own, I decided to create my little corner of the world...a room of my own.

One important thing to me was a work table for other creative projects (painting, sewing, etc...)

A chalkboard wall next to my desk will be the place to dream about my next book.

The closet and books are organized now. It's a miracle.
(I'll put up a curtain eventually.)

I wanted to put up some of the larger prints of my photography here as well.

Work table and photo of Esmee to remind me that creativity requires this kind of childlike abandon.

My collection of corks -- one for each novel (published and unpublished) I've written.
And my great-grandfather built that little bookcase where I now keep all my crafty junk.

An old soda bottle crate for paints.

My writing space.


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Really nice place...

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