Friday, December 26, 2014

My Reading Re-Cap 2014

2014 wound up being an incredibly busy year, so busy in fact that this blog was neglected for most of it. I've been feeling really, really awful about how few books I managed to read and hesitated even writing this post until it dawned on me that I did, in fact, read thousands and thousands of pages this year - and many, many books -- though most of them were my editing clients' and students' unpublished work.

I read (and edited) twenty-one amazing unpublished books this year. I also read, on average, 200-300 pages of student work per week. I taught classes online, in person at Grossmont Community College, in workshops at San Diego Writers, Ink and in my weekly Read & Critique groups. I got to read work that was hot off the press and work that has been toiled over for years and years. I also read drafts of friends' and colleagues' work that will be published next year.

This has, actually, been one of the most literary-focused years of my life. I wrote and revised a new novel (which will be out in 2016). I completed NaNoWriMo with a rough draft of a novel, and am about to finish the first draft of an additional one.

And I did manage to read a few published novels as well. Here are my favorites from this year (in no particular order -- and with links):

I'm half-way through this one -- and am loving it:

And these 2 are on my TBR list (but they're both written by friends, so I KNOW they're going to be great!):

Happy New Year (and Happy Reading) to you all in 2015!


Anonymous said...

Does any of your drafts include a sentence, a paragraph or two, that can update us on Trevor?

T. Greenwood said...

I haven't written about Trevor again (yet) since Grace. Maybe some day :)

Amy Nicole said...

I love your book recommendations! Will you do another post recommending new books you have read in 2016?