Tuesday, June 07, 2005


My publisher doesn't want my new book. I just got the call today. The editor loved the writing but not the story. And, apparently, not the sales of the previous books. Funny, this ridiculous business. They bought the books. They did nothing to promote the books. The books didn't sell. And now they're passing on the best book yet because they don't think it will sell either. Where do I fit into this?

I feel simultaneously disgusted, bruised, pissed off, and elated. I'm free.

I also have tremendous resolve now. This book will get all of my love and attention this summer. By fall, it will be like the fat girl who loses weight over the summer and turns all the boys heads when school starts in the fall.

Maybe I should change my pen name so that my miserable sales record won't haunt me. Sort of like bad credit, isn't it?


Nicole said...

I am sorry Tammy. But you are right; now you are free to pursue someone who will put a little effort into the relationship, so to speak. Don't change your pen name. Make sure those losers know what they passed up on!

T. Greenwood said...

I've gone from being sad to angry to happy. It was the kick in the pants I needed to start the revising process. I read the manuscript in its entirety today and now I'm taking extensive notes about how to fix it. I feel spurred into action. Yeah, I wanna make 'em regret it!!