Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I finally finished "The History of Love" yesterday. Hmmm. It's likely that I just don't have the necessary concentration, but all of the tangled mysteries, complexities of the plot left me a little confused. It's sort of like a knot I'm just too lazy to untie right now. I did, however, love much of it. Particulary the last moments of the story. I'm reading "The Collector" now by John Fowles. It was written in 1963 or something like that...I feel like it's a book Harper might have liked. It's got a trashy feel to it, though I suppose it's literary. Regardless, nice for summertime

I've mapped 169 pages of my novel. I try to give myself little encouragements along the way to counteract all of the "Crap, crap, crap" comments. Nice! Good transition to the next chapter! I should buy some of those metallic stars I loved back when I was teacher's pet. I think the root of the problem is that I don't know Betsy outside of Harper's eyes. I'm beginning to think she didn't love him nearly as much as he loved her. This could be critical.

I started teaching a new workshop last night...a characterization class. It's large (15 students registered), but the dynamic seems quite good. It's also SO late (7:30 - 10:00). I'm on my third wind by then. I had to stay up until nearly midnight to wind down. Wound up watching the first hour or so of "The Big Chill" on cable. I like the idea of a story which revolves around a character who is dead. Hmmm. I am also meeting with the director of creative writing at George Washington U. this weekend to discuss the possibility of an adjunct position this fall.

This weekend is Father's Day. Today I mailed off the gifts to my dad: an electronic golf score keeper and "On Bullshit" (a sweet little book by a Princeton philosopher). Patrick already got his gift -- a glorious monstrosity of a gas grill. The backyard is starting to be a little piece of heaven. We bought a playhouse the other day, put it together at dusk as the fireflies came out. It was the most beautiful twilight time. I didn't even mind the mosquitoes feeding on my calves.

Back to the book. Still calling it "Two Rivers" because no one has suggested otherwise.


Karen said...

Hi there, I am both elated to read that you are indeed working on a new novel. (I check your website a few times a year with the hopes that something new is on the horizon.) I am also saddened to hear that your "lame" publisher turned down your work.

I've never blogged, nor have I ever read a blog, in fact it wasn't until recently that I learned what a blog was. Now I must register and bookmark this so I can at least read your ramblings while I wait for your next great novel.

Did I mentioned that I really enjoyed your previous 3 novels?

T. Greenwood said...

Hi Karen,

It's always thrilling to find a comment on a post...sometimes I feel like the words are just floating about out there all alone. (Much like my novels!) Thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping this new book will find a happy home soon. (It needs a little grooming first.)

Do come back to visit...


Karen said...

Girl, you need a shot of self-esteem. You are a gifted writer and an accomplished author. Even your free flow ramblings here (and I mean that in a good way) are interesting, funny and real. In other words, you capture real life, the humor, the sadness and the frustrations we all experience. What a talent to capture all that in words and put it down on paper for generations and generations to read.

I gather you don't like the business end of writing, can't you head hunt a shark of an agent? I don't know the first thing about publishing but it sounds like you need someone who is as invested in your writing as you are.

I'll shut up now. ; )

Karen said...

I meant "confidence" not self-esteem. Have confidence in your writing talent. I'm sure, or at least hope your self-esteem is just fine.

See....this is why most of us are NOT accomplished writers, we bungle up everything and say things we don't mean.

I WILL shut up now.

T. Greenwood said...

It's all semantics, isn't it? Self-esteem, confidence, ego. The differences are too subtle to worry about. I know what you mean, and I thank you.

Avid Reader said...

I just wanted to point out that Karen is underscoring all of the things I said too. Your words are not floating out there for no one to appreciate and enjoy. I swear to you, I could picture Patrick's pissed off face, matched with your mortification as what was supposed to be a happy reunion turned ugly right in the middle of baggage claim. I was right there with you (and you were right - when the hell was the last time a plane came in 40 minutes early???!!!). YOU HAVE A GIFT!!! Screw your publisher and get an agent that will go out and kill for you. I hadn't even read your books until AFTER I stumbled upon your website. I was so enchanted by your short story (Methods of Torture?) that I went to Amazon and bought all three immediately! And I'm a chick-lit girl through and through, but I cried and cried for Effie as she tried to figure it all out again. Karen hit the nail on the head. Your publisher sucks and with your agent on maternity leave, now is the perfect time to scout around for a killer. You need Jerry Maguire on your team...
"I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a Sega game featuring you, while singing your own song in a new commercial starring you, broadcast during the SuperBowl, in a game that you are winning, and I will not sleep until that happens". Good luck!!!

T. Greenwood said...

I'm just trying to picture the video game -- what exactly would it entail? Juggling a baby on one hip while hurdling a three foot high baby gate to save the laptop and her novel-in-progress from a toddler who has taken the lid off of her sippy cup of grape juice??? (Can our heroine at least have a body like Lara Kroft?)

Thanks for the cheerleading! I am actually very happy with my agent...she's terrific. And this respite for her is time for me to really focus. I do need a publicist though. A super, duper publicist who can see me starring in my own video game. And what should it be called?

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