Sunday, September 18, 2005

Home again, home again

I am so delinquent with this post...many apologies. We returned from Vermont at the end of August refreshed and happy. It was an amazing month. I finished the novel revisions, planned my class at GW, and, in between, enjoyed the bliss of being at Newark Pond. The girls had a fantastic time being back at the water...though I doubt mermaids could survive in the murky depths of the pond. Esmee spent most of the month naked. Kicky swam and picked blueberries and blackberries and raspberries. We at at The Miss Lyndonville Diner about a dozen times...the best breakfast in the entire world. We went to the Caledonia County Fair. The day actually coincided with the chapter in Two Rivers which takes place at the fair (there must be a way to write off the admission!). All in all, it was a much-needed visit home.

However, returning to DC was also exciting. Kicky has started school again. We've had our kitchen gutted and are "camping" urban-style. We're hoping the re-do will be done by the end of the month. Meanwhile, we've learned to live with the drywall/cabinet's like having a houseguest overstay their welcome -- a really loud houseguest. I am teaching two at GW and one at The Writer's Center. The two groups couldn't be more different, but I think I am learning much from both.

Anyway, just checking in. Christy has the book now and hopefully will appreciate the tremendous efforts that went into the revisions.

While I was on the pond, I dreamed that I was Harper...waiting for Betsy to come to a school dance. My knees were weak with love for her. Boy, lines between fiction and reality get fuzzy near the end...

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