Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So...things are not what I expected. Not. At all. Not in the remotest sense of the word.

My agent finally got back to me after five weeks (six months if you count the month before she went on maternity leave, the four months out, and the one month since she's gotten back), and the verdict is not good. Despite her earlier (May) enthusiasm (Very excited to have a new one to work on together esp one with so much promise....), now she seems to think the book needs to be turned on its ass, spun around and sent flying into outerspace. At least that's how I interpreted her comments. Actually, it just suddenly seems that she wants it to be a different book than it is or should be. She wants it to be about the civil rights movement, about Harper's mother's experience in Mississippi. Suddenly, everything that I see as peripheral to the story, she sees as potentially integral and vice-versa. She sees it as a woman's book that doesn't appeal to women. Figure that one out. And here's the kicker, she thinks the changes required are so enormous that there is no way she could possibly handle them. Argh. Initially, before all of the work I did this summer, she thought the changes needed were entirely manageable. It's like some terrible Twilight Zone episode, though not nearly as entertaining.

Anyway, we went back and forth a few times...sparring and bruising. And ultimately, essentially, we broke up. Call it the seven year itch...but what I believe is going on, is that now, with a new baby at home, there isn't the time she feels she needs to give to her lesser clients (read, the ones whose book sales are as miserable as mine). I have no idea what caused her to change her mind about the book itself; I'll probably never know.

However, I have what I believe is a terrific novel in need of some minor editing. It's been seven years since I've written a query letter, and I am rusty, but I'm jumping right back on this dang bicycle. So...if anyone out there knows a hot shot agent who would like to take this challenge know where to find me :)

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Peter said...

Dear Tammy,

I work at Maria Carvainis Agency and, as the fates would have it, I was speaking with Maria about you merely hours ago. How incredible of a writer you are, etc. (She actually asked who I would give my right arm to represent, which is how your name came up.) I was gushing, really. And she proposed speaking more about it on Monday to see if you might be open to a different approach concerning representation. Now I see this new post and it's either coincidence or kismet. Please feel free to email me at and we can continue this discussion in a less public forum. This makes me terribly excited (though somewhat melancholy that your relationship with Christy ended in such a way).

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing the new book.


P.S. I'm totally legit. The agency doesn't have a website, but we're listed in Writers Market and a Google search will turn up plenty, I'm sure.