Friday, May 19, 2006


It's been a sad week for me, though I'm ashamed to admit the source of my sorrow. I know writers are supposed to be scholarly and contemplative, writing and reading and discussing things of import all the time. But I (you may be relieved or disgusted to know) am not this sort of writer. I am an interminable sucker for TV. Always have been. Hours a day. Every day of the week. There, it's out there. And the aforementioned heartbreak started with Elliot's departure from "American Idol" on Wednesday and culminated in the end of "Will & Grace" last night. I wept for both endings. Even Sophie's Choice hasn't done that to me yet.

Speaking of which, this weekend I want to finish reading it. It's incredible. I wish I could write something so absolutely complex. If you haven't noticed I'm on a real 1970's lit-kick lately. I actually ordered a used copy of Scott "Endless Love" Spencer's Preservation Hall too which arrived a few days ago. ( I feel less guilty about my TV affliction/addiction, because I am equally addicted to buying books -- the used books feature on amazon is my heroin.) P's also got another 10K on Sunday. This time we won't go to the race, but we'll meet him at The Diner afterwards. I'm thinking about their Croque Monsieur. I am also teaching my final workshop until mid-June. I am ready for the break.

Oh, and lastly, next week the book goes out and I'll start my feverish trembling.


Forum3037 said...

I wept at the end of Will and Grace too. And I'm glad to know someone else out there in literary world is a sucker for TV.

I'm going to try to contact you at the stewbalm address you give on your website, but I just wanted to tell you that I picked up Nearer Than The Sky today and wept all through the first two chapters. I'm writing a novel about Munchausen's/MBP too and I'm trying to do it from the perspective of three different characters involved in that awful loop, including the character who HAS Munchausen's (not easy). Anyway, I LOVE your writing, and in fact am a little daunted by it. It's hard to see someone else working with the same material--and so well.

And I wanted to ask you if, at times, you ever felt like you were drowning in the horror of that material. I've been reading the psychiatric literature on the disorder and that, coupled with my tangential personal experience knowing someone with the disorder, has completely sucked me into the vortex. I liked what you said in your acknowledgements page about learning how to dance in the puddles. I don't think I'm there yet.

Kathryn Paterson

T. Greenwood said...

Hi Kathryn,

Your book sounds fascinating (and ambitious!) I am so pleased that you found Nearer Than the Sky helpful. It was difficult to write about a family that was so absolutely messed up, but I also fell head-over-heels for Benny, and so writing about his death was actually the most painful part of the process.

Good luck with your work. Please let me know when it hits the shelves!