Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mermama Day!

Last night we barbequed fajitas, had a bunch of people over, and drank many a Corona with lime. The weather held out, verging on rain, but never quite following through.

This Mother's Day morning (finally raining outside), P let me sleep in and I awoke to two framed drawings by the artistes, a new basket for the porch (to hold the plethora of magazines that have previously been teetering on tables all over the house), and a gift certifcate for me to buy a new bathing suit for my San Diego trip. We lounged around all morning and then P watched the girls while I went to the closing of the Dada exhibit at the National Gallery.

It was amazing...such a tremendous selection of work. My favorite were the photos by Man Ray and many of the collages. So much of it reminded me of my grandfather, or the objets d'art at camp. (The "Fink" plaque, the wire sculptures.) I think the most interesting element of the exhibit was seeing the art juxtaposed against footage of WWI...which provided a real context for seemingly nonsensical pieces.

I also ducked into to see three Joseph Cornell (one of my favorites) assemblages. Afterwards, I went to the gift shop and picked up Rene Steinke's novel Holy Skirts (based on the life of Dada artist Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven). Rene did a blurb for Nearer Than the Sky, but we'd never met before. After the lecture (which was fascinating), I finally got to meet her. What a lovely, smiling face she has. Her son was with her...a curly headed cherub not unlike my own. Her writing is so lyrical; I can't wait to dive in. The Baroness was quite a muse, it seems...a woman who made a bra out of tomato cans and wore a flashing taillight on her bustle. A living, breathing work of art.

When I got home there were a pile of chocolate peanut butter cookies (still warm) waiting for me. I'm glad to be a mom.

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