Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This semester will kill me.

Sorry for the delay. Here's the last month in a flurry...Flagstaff was wonderful, lots of snow and sunshine. Esmee's birthday, a ride on The Polar Express, belated Christmas celebrations, a night out at Kama Sushi...the best sushi ever. Lots of great times with both sisters and all the family. Then, to San Diego. Oh, my heart. That's where I belong. Every time I have to leave, it feels like I'm tearing off my own skin. We caught up with all of our friends, got a chance to show the girls off, and then spent lots of time at my super duper girlfriend, Heather's house with her husband and her own two beauties. So hard to come home. started. talk about biting off more than you can chew. I'm like a crazy cave man gnawing on the leg of an elephant this semester. Three classes at GW and one on Saturdays at the Writer's Center. I have sixty students. And I KNOW THEIR NAMES. It's nuts. I didn't think there was room in there for sixty more names.

Since we got back, I have thrown a belated class birthday party for Esmee (which went great until I gave a Reeses to a little boy with peanut allergies...he's fine, no reaction, what does that say about what's in a Reeses though???). Here is my birthday lovely...

I have also managed to write 31 poems in the last 31 days. Some suck. Some don't. If I get gutsy I'll post a couple.

But for now, I need a beer and some American Idol.

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Anonymous said...

After reading and thoroughly enjoying Nearer than the Sky, I chose Breathing Water as my choice for my Book club to read.

I just finished the book - a lovely way to pass the time on a long train ride.

I wonder if you've ever written discussion questions for the book that we could use as a starting point.

Thanks so much for writing these books. I look forward to reading Undressing the Moon next!