Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Freezing Rain Allelujah

Amen, it's raining ice! Just when I thought I might lose my mind, the weather went berzerk, and I got a grown-up snow day (and suspect I'll get another tomorrow). Time to catch up on all my work. Time to catch up on the house which is falling into massive disrepair around me.

Today was a weird day. I finally got confirmation from UMD that the position I applied for has been filled...a disappointment, but good to know I made it so far along in the selection process this time. And, the director of the search committee is also the director at Breadloaf, and asked me to join them for a night and a day this summer while I'm in Vermont. So exciting!

I've submitted my poems to two contests so far: The Iowa Review and The Florida Review. Both have a $1000 prize. Now wouldn't that be a treat??!! I am fairly certain my poems aren't quite the caliber they're looking for, but I swear I'll get a poem published before the year is out. All part of the resolution.

I sent Henry the first 40 pages of the new book. God, my heart just aches that Two Rivers is dead in the water. Move on. That's all I can do.

Sorry this is so schitzy. My brain is fractured and fragmented these days.

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