Wednesday, May 09, 2007

School's Out for Summer!

I'm done! I'm done, I'm done, I'm done. I am in vacation mode...but first, I had to make order out of the chaos that was my home. I just waded through six months worth of crap that had piled up on my dining room table and "office." What remains is a beautiful workspace. Novel-writing worthy! I have a few more organizational things I want to get done before I implement my new summer writing schedule, but I'm getting there.

Meanwhile, I am obsessed with my new camera. I have two pictures that I am certain will be included in my upcoming "show" at The Atlas. Here's one of Esmee.

I am trying for a Sally Mann sort of feel to these pictures...I just adore her work, and there are so few photographers who approach children in the way she does. I feel like I'm starting to capture something with the girls...though I'm not sure what. Lucky for me, they are both quite at ease in front of the camera.

Anyway....I am on a summer vacation high right now. How many grown-ups get to have that??!!


bradi said...

I'm shopping around different cameras as I seem to have worn mine down in a hurry. Whatcha got? I love the shot of Esmee although I have to admit that those two little cuties of yours look like twins to me!

T. Greenwood said...

It's a Canon EOS XTI Rebel (the 10.1 MP) one...I love it. Even with the kit lens and very little actual skill yet on my part it takes incredibel pictures. It also allows you tons of control or none at all if you prefer...always nice.

Someone once called them duplakids. I like that.

T. Greenwood said...

Or incredible. God, one week out of school and look what happens :)

Nicole Brackett said...

Oh, so you DID go with the Rebel! Yay!!!!