Monday, September 24, 2007


Little mermommy rant here: the elementary school where Kicky goes (and where Esmee will go in a couple of years) is proposing a huge renovation. Wonderful! But during the construction phase...which will last over a year, starting when both of the girls are there...they are possibly going to relocate the students beyond the Beltway (for those of you outside DC, this probably means little to you, but to me it's RIDICULOUS) to northern Bethesda...which is an hour and a half bus ride for them or an hour each way commute for me. Jiminy crickets. Parents are talking about pulling their kids from the school. Part of the reason why we live where we do rather than in the city is because of the school. ARGH. Anyway, I've got my PTA hat on now, jamming up the old listserv with my bitching and moaning.

So, on that note, way too much going on here...between getting my photo show ready and teaching and trying to raise these crazy children, I am left with little time, energy, or general gumption. I'm mustering up some tonight though to go hear Edwidge Danticat read from her new memoir at Politics and Prose. I have only read Breath, Eyes, Memory...which I loved. I'm meeting a friend there early on to catch up and browse...maybe treat myself to a new photo magazine.

The panel discussion at The Roundhouse went nicely, and the show (A Lesson Before Dying) was really incredible.

Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean...

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Kathryn said...

An hour-and-a-half bus ride or an hour commute--egads!!! All of what you are talking about is A LOT to take on--believe me, I have had one of those weeks too, and I'm not even a mommy! But remember your last post and HOLD ON to that vital knowledge. You will get through, you will survive, and you will figure out what to do about the school issue.