Friday, October 12, 2007

Busy Bee

I am in some sort of crazy whirlwind these days...barely catching my breath now as I write. Here's what's on my plate this coming week:

12 student stories to grade
60 critiques to grade
6 classes to teach
3 office hours to keep
1 novel to edit (not my own)
1 novel to start editing (my own)
1 photo exhibit to prepare...only 24 days to go
1 hour of volunteering at kindergarten
1 chaperoned trip to a pumpkin patch
1 ballet lesson
1 gymnastics lesson
3 blogs to catch up on
1 storage room to clean
1 photo portfolio competition to enter
1 poetry collection competition to enter
1 pan of enchiladas I've been craving for two weeks now to make
1 harvest dummy to build with the girls
2 Halloween costumes to make (ghost and butterfly or lion or witch)
4 large piles of laundry to fold
1 call to the vet
1 call to the dentist (should have done this 6 months ago)
100's of bills to pay
74 days to Christmas
some sweaters to buy for Kicky since the weather just dropped 30 degrees in the last 2 days
1 loose tooth to nudge

What are you doing this week???


Kathryn said...

Ugh, sounds familiar. It's that time of the semester. I am impressed you are making time to work on your own writing with all of that.

Oh, and do you think the cleaning out of the storage room could wait a bit? Just a thought . . .

T. Greenwood said...

It has. Waited. And waited. :) Unfortunately so has the writing.