Monday, November 05, 2007

Gallery Gallera

I feel like I'm running on fumes these days...there are no breaks in sight either. It's that mid-semester madness coupled with me taking on more than any sane person ever would that's getting to me. Anyway, here's a brief update: the pictures are up, the reception is Friday night. I am ecstatically nervous, if that makes any sense. Happily anxious? Blissfully biting my nails to the quick? Anyway, here's a picture of the space with the pictures in it. You'll have to come to the Atlas to see them up close. And we got a nice little pitch on

Check out Big Esmee!!

This week I am also getting 45 stories turned in, a 350 page novel to edit, and hope to finally really digest the editorial comments from my new editor on Two Rivers. I feel completely scatter-brained, the only thing tethering me to the world is my to-do list which is a completely full double-sided piece of paper. Yikes!
Anyhow...sorry for being so sporadic with the posts, but I am, indeed, alive here. And today I did manage to stand for an extra minute in the cold autumn sun just to watch the leaves fall like snow while the girls tried to catch them as they fell.


Kathryn said...

Still beautiful entries, despite being busy! And I thought MY life was insane! Goodness! If you get a chance, I have a question for you about novel lengths. I finished my novel on Sept. 5 and am starting the revision process, and I know some of it needs to be cut. It is currently 355 pages, and just under 120,000 words. By some counts, I hear that's too long, but by others, I hear it's o.k. My dissertation director said get it to under 100,000 and I freaked--I just don't think I can get it down THAT much! What do you think?

sbr said...

If it's any consolation, what you do matters. Anjali and I, from your Writer's Center class last fall, are still at it, though life does comes at you fast (GEICO moment). She started a full-time job, and juggles that with day to day life. My wife and I had our second daughter in August, and finding that kids fill all available space.

Still, Anjali and I agreed that we would try to write in November, challengin/cajoling/harrassing each other to write just a little each day. One of the topics I have lined up is revisiting my project from your class, and taking a look at your comments--which I STILL HAVEN'T LOOKED AT AFTER ALMOST A YEAR!! (Nothing personal: I've NEVER looked at my final law school grades.)

Anyway, point is you work hard, but from the heart, and it inspires and keeps others going. Take that as solace/comfort/inspiriation.

And congrats on the book deal. It seemed like you were starting to think that one might not work out, but doesn't it usually in the end?


T. Greenwood said...

Thanks Steve!! So nice to hear from you. Please say hi to Anjali. And, by the way, I will be teaching Revising the Novel starting Feb 2. So get to work!!!