Sunday, November 11, 2007


..the opening was wonderful. I was really, really nervous. All of a sudden on Friday night I started to think that the whole idea had been ludicrous. But then when all of my DC friends and colleagues started showing up, it felt really right. I have to admit that watching everyone look at the pictures was a bit bizarre...but they all seemed to genuinely enjoy the show, and it also got a lot of new people into the Atlas which is always great. I even sold a few I can buy some more photo equipment. We didn't get home until pretty late though, and I had to get up to teach yesterday morning. And then last night we had company over, and I made a lasagna that had six cheeses in it. I think I can feel the blood trying to chug through my clogged arteries as I write. It was really nice though, and Patrick even fired up some creme brulee for dessert. Needless to say, the weekend was wonderfully distracting, but tomorrow my nose has got a ticket back to the grindstone. I have 36 more papers to go and haven't even started the new editing job.

Oh yeah...I've added a link to the slideshow of the exhibit on my photo blog in case you can't go see the pictures in real life:


Kathryn said...

The photo blog is fantastic, and I really appreciate your sharing all of this with those of us out here in cyberspace. Thanks!

T. Greenwood said...

Thank you!