Thursday, June 14, 2012

The (Sand) Bucket List of Summer 2012

Maybe it's time I start taking a cue from my ten year old for a change. Last night she asked if she could use the computer to work on her list. I grumbled something about the ink cartridge being low and warning her about the general malaise my computer seems to be exhibiting lately, and then relinquished it to her. (Frankly, I was just grateful that this particular project -- she's always doing some sort of project -- didn't include digging into our recycling or glue). And so she disappeared inside my office...and came out about a half hour later with a freaking masterpiece!!

Excerpted from her summer "bucket list":
  • Read 20 books.
  • Put at least 20 videos on youtube channel. 
  • Make something new.
  • Try five new foods.
  • Make money
  • Sell lemonade.
  • Flash mob. [I'm imagining this going down at our cabin where we spend most of the summer.]
  • Go in the boat.
  • Catch a fish.
  • Sleep in the treehouse.
  • Swim in 10 feet deep water in the pond.
  • Stay up until 6 a.m.
  • Beat Dad at bad mitten [sic]
  • Have parties.
How awesome is that?? So here's my riff on this:
  • Read 20 books.
  • Write 20 blog posts.
  • Make a new book!
  • Cook five new foods.
  • Don't worry about money.
  • Squeeze life's lemons.
  • Dance more. Sit less. Sing out loud.
  • Take the girls out in the boat.
  • Cook the fish? 
  • Sleep in the tree house??
  • Swim with the girls every day.
  • Get up at 6 a.m.
  • Beat Patrick at badminton.
  • Throw parties!
With my students, I am always harping on the necessity of setting goals and making self-imposed deadlines. As a writer, I warn, it's rare that anyone cares when (or even if) you finish a project...and so it's important that you care. I didn't realize that this has rubbed off on the girls, but apparently it has. But what their take on all of this teaches me, is that goals don't always need to be about work...but should also include play and fun.

And, in case you're interested...Esmee had quite a list herself. On her list? Do 20 cartwheels, touch the bottom of the pond, and climb a tree!

Your turn.

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