Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Longest Weekend

I've figured out how to make a weekend last forever...just have something you're waiting for on the other side of it. I'm hoping/fearing that I will get word from the agent on Monday. Not sure why Monday except that he promised to get to it quickly, and he hasn't broken a promise yet.

So I had a book-related, guilty-happy moment this weekend. James Frey has apparently lost out on his seven figure book deal following all of the Oprahooplah. I actually think his crucifixion has been a bit extreme...come on, it's just a stupid book for chrissakes. But, I cannot forgive him (or Jonathan Franzen for that matter -- by the way, you should check out this funny discussion of his author photo) for really screwing us other hard-working writers over. What I mean is...the last time something like this happened (i.e. an author disrespecting Miss Winfrey), she gave up the book club. The lottery for contemporary writers was shut down, the easy-pick tickets ripped from our tight hopeful fists. When she did bring it back, she played it safe picking books by dead authors. Now what is to happen? Do you really think she'll take a chance on someone who might further undermine the book club?? I think not. Thanks, James Frey. Losing your seven figures might make you think about all of the legitimate story-tellers out there you &*&%%!!!***ed over. Sorry about the hostility. I'm typically marshmellowy, but this really gets my goat.

Big plans for the weekend include writing an article about Making Workplace Safety a Priority. I finished Tayari Jones's lovely but disturbing novel, Leaving Atlanta, so I'm looking for the next book to suit my mood. I'm thinking about The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates. I have now had three people recommend it to me. I also have been avoiding painting the ceiling in our basement because I HATE PAINTING CEILINGS. I haven't painted a single ceiling in this house. When people come over, I just hope they don't look up.

I also have a new vice...a little late, I know...but I am obsessed with Curb Your Enthusiasm. I can't get enough of it. We just got HBO, and I feel like I've just crawled out of a cave. Larry David is a genius.

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