Tuesday, February 21, 2006


So I think I am so anxious I'm having some sort of psychosomatic attack...I feel fine, but I've got a temperature of 101. I am really, really tired, but no runny nose. No headache. Nothing.

Anyway. No word from the agent yet. Plugging away at the laboratory supply company newsletter. Ever heard of Process Effectiveness. Me neither! It's like learning a new language.

Speaking of which, Esmee can say "George Bush scary." And Kicky was speaking made-up Spanish in her sleep a few nights ago. The poor kid is so confused. She goes to a Jewish pre-school, and in her wonderful toddler logic, she thinks kabbalah is the Spanish word for "stop." She was muttering it in her dreams, kabbalah, kabbalah, kabbalah.


Karen said...

Smart child you have, George Bush IS scary!

Just wanted to wish you luck with the new agent. I am so looking forward to this next book!


PS How DO you paint/write on the walls so neatly? (the wall of your writing nook)

Haley said...

Sending prayers and fairy dust across the Hudson into NYC to your new agent. I don't know how much longer I can wait for a new book by you. I miss them so much.

Hope you are feeling better.


T. Greenwood said...

Thank you both so kindly...I'm just a mess here. All day I had this prickly feeling that I just couldn't put my finger on. Sort of like how you feel after a bad dream. I'm hoping it's just nerves...just the raw edges exposed.

Anyway, I used a projector for the lettering...a terrific trick for picture murals too.

Thank you for the dustings...he promises to get back soon.

Karen said...

Oh...brilliant idea!..The projector that is. Now you've inspired me to decorate in a "new" way!