Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hunting. Posted by Picasa

I am a terrible mother. I allowed Kicky and Esmee to eat so much candy on Sunday that Kicky actually threw up. In the middle of the night. All over her bed. The walls. Other than that, we had a great weekend. Company over for a barbeque on Saturday, and the egg hunt on Sunday. Kicky swears she saw the Easter Bunny's tail through her window. Esmee can say "treehouse" now. I made a mosaic stepstone for the flower garden (one down, nine to go).

I am getting antsy to start a new book. I'm waiting until I hear from Henry that the book is ready to go though....

School ends at GW in two weeks. Though I hate to see my students go, I can't wait to have my time back.

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