Thursday, April 27, 2006


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How can you not have hope when you see something like this? Two mourning doves have built a nest on top of our fence. These are the unattended eggs. The mama bird went crazy when she found me, some sort of avian paparrazzi, taking this unauthorized photo.

I am still reeling from last night. The reading was incredible. A.M. Homes was so funny, acerbic. I bought her newest novel, This Book Will Save Your Life. Now, that's a title. But afterwards, as I was pulling out of the parking lot the most horrendous thing happened. I heard a thumping sound on the back of my car, and I stopped. A man was glaring in through my window at me. "You hit me!" he yelled, and I rolled down the window. I was falling all over myself, apologizing, offering to call 911. He said his wrist hurt. And then he started talking about insurance, and settling things, and said he'd go to the doctor later. Then I start thinking that maybe I didn't hit him at all...maybe he hit me, and was now trying to get something out of me. So, I start fumbling around in my purse for my insurance card, and then I thought, I am alone in the dark in the parking lot with a man who claims I hit him with my car. I felt like that Mama bird, all fluttery and frantic. So, I offered again to call the police, an ambulance, but he refused, still talking about "working with me." Finally he took my insurance information and left...without giving me his name. I drove home rattled and confused. I am still a little rattled...the power of guilt is something else. My initial reaction was a horrific sense of remorse, and to have that gut instinct manipulated by a stranger is so unnerving. I've also never had anyone think that I was someone they might be able to get money out of. (This certainly never happened when I was driving my '63 Bug or the Volvo wagon.) Anyway, the insurance company said that he likely won't actually try to make a claim...but still, my head is swimmy with last night.

As for the book, Henry said that he hopes to read the latest version this weekend...maybe we can get things started next week. I am ready.

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