Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Kicky and Esmee would eat that poor cat alive She wouldn't even come out of the bushes when she saw me coming. Maybe we'll go to the Humane Society this weekend. There are a couple of cats I have my eye on...

Making chili, but I don't think I soaked the beans long enough. Nothing like a bowl of crunchy chili.

I need to read Jude the Obscure. The teenaged neighbor girl in my new book is going to be named Folly. (The mother will be a high school dropout who got the name from the novel, but misspelled Fawley).

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bradi said...

Hey T! I loved Jude the Obscure and loved the name Arabella even though she slaughters a pig. You can check up on our family happenings at
(it might look awfully familiar).