Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm back!

I am home again, home again, jig, jig, jig from Vermont. The month was terrific, but full of activity. I frankly wish I'd had just a few more days where I wasn't on the road or visiting, but when you only get home once a year you really are forced to cram things in. The girls had a blast...trips to Santa's Village, the County Fair, Ben & Jerry's factory, Lake Champlain, and their first Chinese Restaurant experience. They swam in the pond, ran in the yard, climbed up into the treehouse, and ate s'mores. My best friend and her kids visited a lot, and they were so good to the girls. Summer cousins...

This year, my grandmother decided it was time to part with a portion of my grandfather's library, as well as with his Underwood. So, I came home with seven boxes of books, an antique typewriter, and an Andrew Wyeth print I gave him year's ago that hung in his study. I can't wait to unpack everything in their new home. My parents are also bringing down his Alice/Lewis Carroll collection (about twenty books) for me. This may be the most exciting inheritence of all.

I am feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to do this week. School starts at GW (and for the girls) tomorrow. That always knots my stomach up. Patrick and I are also leaving on Thursday for San Diego. We're going to a wedding and, possibly, greeting our other friends' new baby (if he arrives in the next few days).

Today is also our seventh anniversary. Boggles the mind. Seven years.

No (good) book news yet. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean...

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Mireya Schmidt said...

Hello Tammy,

I just found your blog and have been enjoying your writing. I look forward to your next novel. I took a class from you at UCSD La Jolla when you lived in OB. My husband is a fellow Vermonter whose sister, Naomi Shulman, worked on some of your books at St. Martin's press. We still go to Vermont every summer (Lake Willoughby) which makes me think of your "Breathing Water".

Next time you come to San Diego, please let me know. We have vacation rentals that you and your family can stay in (our treat) if they are not rented. One is 500 ft from Tourmaline Beach and I think your girls would enjoy it! Keep on writing, you are talented!