Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Demon Seed Myth

I am feeling much, much better. Yesterday, I taught my last Characterization class at The Writer's Center. It seemed like all of the students were really happy with what they accomplished over the last six weeks. Patrick started his Georgetown program this week, so we had to hire a sitter to watch the girls. Well, obviously the old one was out, so instead we had one of Kicky's teachers come over. All the way home from class, I had these terrible daydreams that her teacher would say what a nightmare Kicky was, that she was, indeed, a demon seed. But...

When I got home, Esmee, Kicky, and her teacher were all snuggled up on the couch watching a princess movie. The kitchen counter was covered with drying paintings. There were miniature fairies which they had made out of silk flowers and beads teetering on wire legs all over the house. Kicky's teacher said it was the easiest babysitting job she'd ever had. That the girls were a dream.

I love my merbabies.

Today I'll be working on an article about a new office opening in China. I will also start biting my nails again. The agent said he'd get to it by early next week. Does Sunday constitute "early next week"????

Tomorrow night I'm going out to dinner with a GW guest novelist/poet, Chris Abani, before his reading. Tayari Jones invited him to come, and I'm hoping she'll be at the dinner as well. I love that the faculty does this. It creates such a nice, intimate way to get to know the readers. I also love the restaurant, Cafe Lombardy.

Tonight we're having friends over to watch the Oscars. Of course I have seen only one or two of the movies nominated, but it's all about the dresses really, isn't it?? Speaking of which, I got SOOO sucked into the marathon of Project Runway yesterday. I had never seen it before, and I couldn't stop watching. I even skipped Curb Your Enthusiasm to watch them make dresses out of flowers and plants.

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