Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring Break!

The reading (Chris Abani) the other night was amazing. What an incredible story he has (a political prisoner in Nigeria, a novelist at the age of 16...) His writing was absolutely luminous as well. READ him.

I may have an answer from the agent in two days. TWO DAYS. This is excruciating. I feel like I keep getting turned down for things; his acceptance would disrupt the natural rhythm of my rejections. I even had to beg GW to give me two classes next semester yesterday after the director told me he only had one to offer.

I've been working on my's going to be really cool, I think. Each page is like a little treasure chest. I have 2 and a half pages done. A long, long way to go.

Nichelle Tramble is planning to post her interview with me this Friday. Keep your eye out. You should check out her blog, she gets all sorts of wonderful writers to talk about their creative processes.

The new babysitter was great. The girls adore him. At least that situation is resolved. And next week is spring break. It's off to Fort Lauderdale! Lots of beer drinking and reckless driving. Bikini contests etc... Just kidding. I'll be here. I figure the agent's news will either make or break my break.

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