Thursday, March 23, 2006

Working. Still.

I love Betsy Parker. God, how could I have ignored this element of the novel for so long? Sometimes the disparity between what's in my head and what's on the page is almost startling. Here, I've been thinking that Betsy is this luminous character, when she is, in fact, dead on the page long before she's dead on the page. I am meticulously combing every scene, reworking her character to show just how magical she is -- why Harper does what he does when he loses her.

My new agent suggested I read Endless Love. Now, I had no idea that the movie "Endless Love" was based on a novel, a National Book Award nominee no less. I remember being in the sixth grade when it was on HBO, sneaking a peek at it during a sleepover with one of my best friends. The novel is incredible so far. Scott Spencer has captured exactly the sort of crazy devotion and adolescent passion I want for Harper.

On the home front, we are about to start the next remodel project: the back sun porch. I have visions of a sunny, bug-free place to write while the girls romp around in the backyard.

Esmee said "butterfly" the other day. I almost cried.

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