Monday, March 13, 2006


The agent is supposed to call this morning. Oh my. I am a bundle of nerves.

This weekend was so nice. I needed it. Saturday was such a loungey day...I even managed a nap on the couch. And yesterday we got up early to go to Patrick's race -- the St. Patrick's Day 8K downtown. The girls got a kick out of it, especially the Irish dancers. Afterwards, we went to The Diner for breakfast where we met a couple of our friends. I had a Monte Cristo sandwich for which I am almost certainly going to go to hell. Last night I made the most amazing biscuits with a shrimp and vegetable cream sauce (another sinful dinner), and then I read myself to sleep.

I am on spring break right now, which I think is really helping me feel more like a person and less like a teaching machine. I also finished the freelance project. I'm also still working diligently on my website, which I think is going to be really really cool.

Keep your fingers, toes, and other appendages crossed. Will update soon.

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